Camp Smalltalk – Raleigh/Durham, March 31st – April 2nd, 2017

We would like to invite you to Camp Smalltalk RDU this spring. Come join us March 31st – April 2nd  in downtown Durham, North Carolina.

Register here

If you are curious about Smalltalk or would like to influence the next generation of Smalltalkers, stop by.

Feel free to contact us directly if you have questions regarding travel or accommodations.

See you in Durham!

10 thoughts on “Camp Smalltalk – Raleigh/Durham, March 31st – April 2nd, 2017

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    • Hi Craig,

      I’m not really sure how you might participate remotely. Are you working on any projects/frameworks that you would like to see if someone a camp is interested in working on too?


  2. hi people,

    i keep reading “contact us directly” and following links, but i do not come across any email addresses. perhaps my bad for not watching too well. so i’ll just use the comment form here

    anyway, i would love to visit a camp smalltalk and i also have the time. however, i would be going for the people i would be able to meet. but from the beginning of announcements i have not been able to see any list of who has signed up or even who might be considering attending. in the noughties we just put our names on the cs wiki so everybody could see. that wiki seems to have died; reviving it might be a good first step to help rekindle interest

    my last real camp smalltalk was in germany i think, around 2003, claus gittinger organised it. after 2006 i dropped out of the smalltalk world for 10 years, but i’ve started work again as a smalltalker last year, and hope to continue

    i would love to get more involved. can i find out who is planning to attend? can other people? i imagine some of them might also be interested to know whom they might be meeting there.

    thanks for any information you can share.

    • Hi Peter,

      Don’t know why the email was not coming through. Probably too late at this point, but if you go to the Register link, you should see a Guest List link. This will tell you who all is attending.


      • Hi Bob,

        thank you for the information. i had not spotted the guest list link, but next time i surely will 🙂

        hope you all have a good time

        will you have a wiki where you can post what you are working on at the camp? that will enable people (like craig) to contribute remotely

  3. -The American Underground is located at 201 West Main Street, Durham NC 27701. The building sits on the corner of Main and Corcoran Streets in downtown Durham, right across from the 21C Hotel.

    Please enter through the front double doors on Main Street. Continue straight down the hallway until you get to the elevators. Take elevator up to the 2nd floor. Enter the 2nd floor Suite through the double doors just across the hall and to the right. As you enter the suite double doors on the second floor, walk straight until you have to turn left. Our training room is on your right, by the fire extinguisher.

    -Parking: Street parking is available, please read signs and be aware of time constraints. The closest parking deck is the Corcoran Street Garage located directly behind our building at 212 Ramseur Street. Visitor Parking is $1/hour and you pay on your way out.

    -Weather: Friday looks to be a wet one. Bring appropriate attire!

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